There are many talented people I work with in the various facets of this industry.

I’ve had such fun and really great times that I treasure in my heart teaming up with inspiring individuals who have all collectively contributed to the overall artistic vision in creating the projects.

Thank you. Respect to all, Zia

Website Design: Studio Truth

Rock The Om and ZIA Logos – Lawrence Eastland


Sunshine H3dRush Photo Lindy Smith ‘Blooming Lotus’ Yoga, Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Music Video photography shoot – Hing Ang
Looking At You Music Video documentation and shoot – Jacques Maudy –
City of Love Music Video documentation and shoot + Blue Stratocaster Web banner – Hillary Green
City of Love – Stuart Manion
Looking At You Single Cover, Underground Single Cover + poster photography – Nicholas Sutcliffe

Cover Art:

The Cool EP + The Cool Remixes – 418Music

The Cool – Zia and Oliver Levi-Malouf

Magical Cover Art – Zia and Rashid AlKamraikhi

Sunshine H3dRush Cover Art – Zia and Rashid AlKamraikhi

H3dRush Photo Single Cover – Lindy Storee Smith
Sunshine Beaten Bass Cover Art – Zia and Luke Brook
Sunshine Cover Art – Bandprint
Looking At You Cover Art – Studio Truth
City of Love Cover Art – Single and CD Remix Art – Jay Lane
Underground Cover Art – Bandprint, Skull and crossbones singlet by Shannaniganz ‘Streetwear for Mishchief Makers.’
Cover Design Sound Foundation and CD singles : Lawrence Eastland


The Cool Ep:

Extended G.A. Mix – Organ Synth House (UK Producer)

StoneBridge Classic Mix & Classic Radio Mix – Piano House (Sweden, Grammy nominated Artist/DJ/Producer)

DJ Kue Remix – House (“2017 Remix Producer of the Year” & “Best Banger” at the Remix Awards in Miami, World Music Conference)

Damien Hall Remix – Tribal House (Sweden Artist/Producer)

Original G.A. Mix –  Organ Synth House (UK Producer)

StoneBridge Classic Radio – Piano House (Sweden, Grammy nominated Artist/DJ/Producer.

The Cool Remixes:

Mr. Mig’s H3drush Extended Mix – Progressive House (USA Multi-Platinum Producer) 

EVO-K Mix – Electro (Italy’s #1 Female Producer/DJ)

SKUNXX Extended Mix – Electro (Indonesian Artist/Producer/DJ)

SKUNXX Radio Mix – Electro (Indonesian Artist/Producer/DJ)

Single Credits:

Production: Geoffrey Ahn aka G.A.

Radio and Extended Mixes – SKUNXX
Mastering – G.A.
Vocals and keys – Zia C Moreau

Label: Rock The Om
Writer – Zia C Moreau
Producer – Geoffrey Ahn
Vocals & Additional Keys – Zia C Moreau

The Cool Vocals recorded by Zia and edited by Tyson Ruth at Truth Studios

THE COOL Music Video (Original & StoneBridge Classic Radio):

The Cool Music Video Credits:

Online Production : Oliver Levi-Malouf
Filmed by: Zia
Dancer: Shai

Legs & Heels: Deanna de Luca


Single Credits:

Label: Rock The Om
Writer – Zia C Moreau
Producer – Geoffrey Ahn
Written and programmed by: Zia C Moreau

Additional keys, mix and master, by UK producer / artist Geoffrey Ahn aka G.A.

Magical Radio Edit Music Video:

Filmed by: Spencer Steinberg

Effects: Rashid AlKamraikhi

Additional edits: Zia

Magical Radio Edit Lyric Video:

Created by Rashid AlKamraikhi and Zia

Sunshine Remix Album

Angerwolf (Morocco), SKUNXX (Indonesia), Ofer Hamerman (Tel Aviv), KOLD (Netherlands), with an experimental remix from Cosmic Aurora (Puerto Rico)

Sunshine H3dRush Radio Edit and Extended Mix

Production – H3dRush

Sunshine Beaten Bass Radio Remix Music Video Credits:

Filmed on the GoPro by Zia

Edited by Rashid AlKamraikhi and Zia

Sunshine Beaten Bass Radio and Extended Remixes

Mastering – Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Melbourne
Remixed By Beaten Bass
Production – Beaten Bass

Additional production – Zia


Music Video Credits:

Director: Zia Cassandra Moreau
Online Production: Stuart Mannion
Photographer: Hing Ang
Illustrator: Wayne Flemming


Single Credits:

Mastering – Sameer Sengupta, 301 Studios, Sydney
Producer – Zia C Moreau
Mix & additional production – David Manna @ Manna Music, Sydney, Australia
Engineer of Zia’s lead vocal – Stephen Anning
Engineer of Zia’s adlib vocals – Jerel Mani

Label: Rock The Om
Writer – Zia C Moreau
Producer – Zia C Moreau
Vocals – Zia C Moreau
RAP – MC Anon
Keys & synths – Zia C Moreau
Additional keys – Stephen Anning & Tyson Ruth
Drums – Pete Trimbacher / Zia C Moreau
Guitars – Matt Smith
Tibetan Bowl – Zia C Moreau

Looking at You

Single Credits:

Writer, co-producer, vocals, keys and synths – Zia
Feat. Craig Obey *
Backing Vocals and BV Arrangement (appears courtesy of Phat Girl Records NYC USA) – Lisa Hunt
Funky Guitars – Christopher Palmer
Additional bridge screech guitar – Rhian Davies
Drums – Pete Trimbacher
Star Gaze Sample courtesy of Robert Rich, USA
Omnisphere Synth in Bridge and Outro – Karl Schaal


Mastering – Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Melbourne
Remixes by Rave Radio – Radio Remix and Extended Remix
Co-producers – Craig Obey and Zia
Mix & additional production – David Manna @ Manna Music Sydney, Australia
Engineer of Zia’s vocals & Chris Palmer’s guitars – Pix Van Mason, Pix Studios, QLD
Engineer of backing vocals – Rhian Davies, Munted Studios, Sunshine Coast
Single cover photo – Nick Sutcliffe
Single art – Tyson Ruth

Lucky Love (Original Looking at You)

Mastered by Kathy Naunton @ dB Mastering, Sydney, Australia
Mixed by Anthony Lycenko @ Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay
Engineered by Pix Vane Mason @ Pix Studios QLD
Produced by Zia
Vocals, bass, additional keys – Zia
Drums, percussion, backing vocals – Brother B
Guitars – Christopher Palmer
Synth – Pawl Gunn

Looking at You Music Video

Zia presents a Rock The Om production:


Producer/Director: Jeremy Santolin
Behind the Scenes Parts 1 – 5 : Daniel Rayner
Gaffer: Jono Voyce
Sacred Geometry Visuals: Andrew Gibbs
Lead Makeup Artist: Sofie Nagashima
Second Makeup Artist: Meg Wright
Stylist to Zia, Suzette McPherson & Vollie LaVont: Andy Gillard
Camera Assistant: Chris Reed
Production Assistant: Kate Ferguson
Second Production Assistant: Abi Bremner
Support: Asta Joli; Stephen Kerr

Photography: Looking At You music video shoot – Jacques Maudy –


Queen: Zia
Soul Connection: Suzette McPherson
Aerialist: Bianca Mackail
Ballet Dancer: Arabella Healion
Martial Artist: Jimi Smith
Drag Queen: Rhys Rathbone (Vollie LaVont)
Tumbler: Alexander Wecks-Huck

Bodyguard: Shai Lewis

Suzette McPherson
Cristiana Adorno
Debbie Harrold
Mika Soanes
Samuel ‘Stag’ Sargent

Studio: Syc Studios
Props: Through the Looking Glass
Behind the Scenes filmed and edited by: Daniel Rayner

Looking at You Lyric Video

Created by Rashid AlKamraikhi and Zia

Looking at You Rave Radio Extended Video

Created by Rashid AlKamraikhi and Zia

City of Love

Single Credits:

City of Love mastered by Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Australia

City of Love – Produced by Ken Sheppard of She-Oak Productions. Electric guitar, backing vocals, additional synth by Az Kerwin. Synth – Pawl Gunn. Vocals, acoustic gritty guitar – Zia

Craig Obey Radio and 12″ Remixes

Remix and additional production by Craig Obey. Mixed by Craig Obey @ The Groove Yard Studios Sydney.

Remix lead vocal engineered by Graham Smith-White @ Black Snake Studios, Byron Bay.

City of Love CD single artwork by Jay Lane. Master CD Mac collation / compatibility by Adam Rice MAC1. Photography: POTC; Hillary Green / Stills By Hill.
City of Love – The EP Original Version mastered by Kathy Naunton @ dB Mastering, Sydney, Australia. Mixed by Anthony Lycenko @ Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay. Engineered by Pix Van Mason @ Pix Studios, Connondale QLD. Drums, backing vocals – Brother B. Keys, Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar – Zia.

City of Love Music Video

City of Love – REMIX Film Clip (DANCE) – Additional footage by Jeremy Santolin – UK New Music Video Awards.
City of Love – Radio Edit Film Clip (92 BPM)

The City of Love film clip shot in Super 8 film, is directed by Jonas McQuiggin and Mary Moynihan, Brisbane. Filmed in a funky retro 70’s style house in West Chermside, Brisbane, the clip features still photography of well know Brisbane iconic landmarks including:

XXXX Brewery, Milton Road, Milton
Milton Bowls, Frew Street, Milton
Windmill, Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill
Chinatown Building, Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley
Wickham Hotel, Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
Valley Baths, Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
Story Bridge photo taken from Lambert Park, Kangaroo Point
Martin Street Sign, Fortitude Valley
Storybridge during Riverfire, New Farm
Judith Wright Centre, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Kangaroo Point Cliffs, from Riverside Terrace
Polo Club, Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD
Days Gutter, Moreton Island
All Hallows Girls School, Anne Street, Fortitude Valley

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Arts Queensland



Director(s): Marty Moynihan and Jonas McQuiggin
Director of Photography: Jonas McQuiggin
Editor: Marty Moynihan
Art Director: Alecia Del Marco
Camera Assistant: Richard Wang
Production Assistant: Maxine Sammet
Make Up: Jay Lane
Photography: Hillary Green / Stills By Hill; POTC + Blue Stratocaster on Web banner.
Special Thanks To: Nano Lab
Hot Putz Pictures
Two Little Indians
Raine and Horne Strathpine
Catering by Sushi Sushima

Photography: City of Love music video shoot – Hillary Green & POTC


Shai Lewis
Jay Lane
Mary Alexander aka Tricky Boombang
Hillary Green
Gavin Wakefield aka DJ Kandi Kane
Niikee Schoendorfer
Tobias Sargent
DJ Frequensaki
Leigh Sargent R.I.P. Cousin Leigh
Chermay Oliver
Christopher Palmer (keys)
Samuel ‘Stag’ Sargent (drums)
Zia (guitar)


Single Credits:

1. Underground – ‘the original’ – Zia 3.11
2. Underground Radio Remix – Craig Obey – 3.47
3. Underground 12″ Remix – Craig Obey – 7.26

Film clip for Underground included MPEG1

The Underground remixes mastered by Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Australia

Craig Obey Radio and 12″ Remix

Remix and Additional Production by Craig Obey
Keys by Michael Di Francesco
Guitars by Rex Goh
Mixed by Craig Obey @ The GrooveYard Studios Sydney

Underground Original Version mastered by Kathy Naunton @ dB Mastering, Sydney, Australia.
Mixed by Anthony Lycenko @ Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay.
Engineered by Pix Van Mason @ Pix Studios, Connondale QLD.

Vocals, bass – Zia.
Drums, backing vocals – Brother B.
Guitars – Christopher Palmer.
Keys, synths – Pawl Gunn

Underground Music Video

The Underground music video shot in 32mm film, was directed by award winning film maker Stuart Mannion of Taxi Films, Brisbane / now How Far Films, Melbourne. Filmed in the dark, cavernous,basement and tunnels of the historic Alliance Hotel in Springhill, Brisbane, the clip features Zia and her band, dancing boys, a pumping crowd and love twisting footage.


Director / Producer Stuart Mannion
Assistant Producer Rebecca Macaulay
D.O.P. Jason Hargreaves
Editor Matt Bennett
1st A.D. Tim Wood
Camera Assistant Riki Byrne
Gaffer Daniel Rogers
Production Designer William Goodfellow
Wardrobe Stylist Vanessa Loh
Wardrobe Assistant Nina O’Brian
Hair and makeup Verity Fiction
Little Larder Catering
Runner Tristan Davis

Cast of Underground Party People

Vocals, Bass Zia
Guitar Christopher Palmer
Keys Laura Tipoki
Drums J
Love Twister 1 Leah Jackson
Love Twister 2 Briony Frisby
Dancer #1 Shai Lewis
Dancer #2 Josh Thompson
Crowd: Craig, Todd, David, Ruth, Mitch, Gavin / Kandi Kane, Pauline, Frosty, Kat, Louie, Nat, Sam, Joel, Tyson, Seki, Henny Penny, Shannaniganz, Wezman, Jarah, Skye, Hannah, Millsy, Kim, Vanessa.

Fly To You Music Video

Rashid AlKamraikh and Zia


Now available at live performances and by order only

Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7 Mastered by Kathy Naughton DB Mastering Sydney
Track 8 Mastered by Jeremy White
Track 4,9,10 Mastered by Joseph Carra, Crystal Mastering Melbourne.
Track 4 mixed, engineered produced by Ken Sheppard Productions, additional engineering, backing vocals, electric guitar, synth by Az kerwin
Track 7 Mixed by Pix at Pix Studios
Track 1,2,3,5,6 Mixed by Anthony Lycenko, Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay
Track 8 Mixed by Jeremy White
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7 Engineered by Pix, Pix Studios
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6 Pre-production by Paul Searles
Track 8 Slide guitar Sam Hawksley, vocals Zia,
Track 5 backing vocals and bv arrangement Lisa Hunt (USA/Byron Bay)
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6 Drums & Percussion & BVs Brother B, Guitars Chris Palmer
Track 6 Violin by Hannah Jane Griffiths
Track 7 Drums by Brother B
Track 3,4 Acoustic gritty guitar by Zia. All bass and lead vocals by Zia.

Here’s to the passion of creating art and music!
~ Zia

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